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Pre-Made Affirmations

Affirmations for basic functioning

Look at each problem carefully. (Plays every minute.)

I allow the river to flow. (Plays every minute.)

I think very well. (Plays every minute.)

Help Me Review Equations

Please Give Me a Suggestion

I am sleeping deeply, and will perform well when I wake up. (Plays every 5 minutes.)

I am breathing in... and out. (Plays every minute.)

I am taking small, mindful steps. (Plays every minute.)

I practice mindful breathing and walking. (Plays every minute.)

I stand up for 1 minute at the top of the hour and lie down for 1 minute at the half-hour. (Plays every minute.)

Affirmations for making progress and getting things done

I am working towards a goal. (Plays every minute.)

I am working on the skills and understanding I need for my next job or task. (Plays every minute.)

My Life has flow and analysis, and I keep making progress. (Plays every minute.)

Random Number (Plays every minute.)

Affirmations for relieving stress and feeling better

Everyone is equally special. (Plays every minute.)

Energy calms down to each chakra: 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Energy moves freely: Up. Down. Front. Back. Right. Left. Centered. Scattered. Self. Others. (Plays every minute.)

Energy circulates in my body and helps me go. It cycles from Water to Air to Fire to Earth states. (Plays every minute.)

I can feel my water river flow. I can feel my air river flow. I can feel my fire river flow. I can feel my earth river flow. I can feel my thought river flow. I can feel the spirit river flow. (Plays every minute.)

I can be more open. I can protect myself also. (Plays every minute.)

Sometimes I like to whisper. (Plays every minute.)

I am grateful and I am kind. (Plays every minute.)